D2M | Design to Matter

A Silicon Valley veteran had a great idea but couldn’t find a design firm that could execute his idea seamlessly from design to market. As a result, he started D2M to do exactly that!

D2M | Design to Matter, co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Andy Butler and Bill Burnett, is a leading design and incubation studio. We offer end- to-end product design and development out of our Silicon Valley headquarters and Hong Kong office. We provide the following services:

– Industrial Design – Electrical Engineering
– User Experience – Software and Firmware Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering – Quality control and manufacturing support

From “ Tablets to Toilets” our goal is to bring an idea to life in its best form and function!

The Instacube is an example of D2M’s entrepreneurial mindset. We had an idea and so used our design consulting skills to create our very own incubated venture! The Instacube is an example of our unique business model, which engages our designers and engineers in the full cycle of innovation from concept to market launch.