How Hashtag Cube can Take Instagram to the Next Level

As Instagram continues to grow more and more popular in people’s lives, there are many new innovations in the market to provide better Instagram accessories. Instagram is a widely used platform among artists and people who like to share their life events with their family, friends, and fans. Hashtag Cube is one of the innovations on Instagram, which creates awesome memories for people and provide a better outlet for Instagram.

What is Hashtag Cube

Hashtag Cube is one of the most unnecessary yet so interesting technology. It may not be your priority, but it is something that you will want to have in your life. Hashtag Cube is a photo frame that hit the market at the right time. It is a compact Instagram only device which runs Instagram. One of the greatest features of Instagram is Hashtags, and you can use it to find almost anything on the internet. Hashtag Cube is designed to search the hashtags and then display the pictures related to that hashtag as a slideshow.


The Hashtag Cube or the #Cube, has several features that you can entertain yourself with. It is a living canvas for Instagram photos and videos that matter most to you. A device meant only for Instagram will let you browse it instantly. #Cube can stream the candids of your friends, family, and favourite people throughout your day. You can use the streamlined function to stream the photos and videos automatically. Here are some of the features of #Cube.

Socially connected

You can enjoy real-time pictures as well as sort the hashtag search list based on the upload date or popularity. You can connect with your friends, family members, and other artists and celebrities.

Real-time & Instant

#Cube uses WiFi to provide real-time updates on Instagram. It will automatically load the pages continuously to deliver the latest uploaded photos & video clips for you to enjoy.

Touch Display

Fully functioning touch screen for scrolling through the Instagram feed manually. The 4X4 screen has an image tile view or swipes to view pictures directly.

The “Favourite” Button

A dedicated “favourite” button on the top helps you like the pictures or videos that you find good.

Portable & Wireless

Runs of Li-ion rechargeable battery and comes with a charger. It is easy to port with WiFi connectivity.

Smart and Updatable

Automatically plays the pictures and videos based on the selected hashtag. Can also update itself automatically when connected to WiFi. The free software updates add new features to #Cube. It is available online for $149 USD on Amazon or eBay.

It is a fantastic gift for your family and friends to keep you always connected. You can also create your own personal hashtags and store special memories on Instagram with your friends and watch them later on HashtagCube.