Frequently Asked Questions

What Instacubes models are available?
Instacube is currently available in 3 color options: Classic, Black, White

How much does shipping cost?
The weight of the final packaged product is still yet to be determined. Until then, we won’t know the exact shipping cost. We will keep you posted!

How can you change your shipping details?
If your address/ Instacube model preference has changed please email [email protected] your updated shipping address. Please title the subject of your email ” Shipping information” or ” Instacube Model”

How can you buy an Instacube?
We are currently setting up our online retail store. Please enter your email at . We will reserve a spot for you and ping you as soon as we launch.

When will the Instacube ship?
Instacubes will start shipping in Spring 2014.

Does the Instacube come with warranty?
Yes the Instacube comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Can you refund your purchase?
Any purchase on Kickstarter is non-refundable. Any subsequent purchase you make on our retail website will have a refund option.

I am interested in distributing the Instacube. Who should I contact?
Please email [email protected]

I am interested in partnering with Instacube, who should I contact?
Please email [email protected]